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http://www.mimio.com/downloads/mimio_studio_software/index.asp – Studio Software that needs to be downloaded onto computer.   – need to type in license number when asked.

Mimio Skills for Classroom Teachers Workbook

Creating an account:

-Go to http://www.mimioconnect.com

-Go to blue Please Log In box

-Click not a member

-type in a user name and email address

-Click agree to the terms of use

-Click create new account

-Clilck Ok

-Log in to your email because you will be emailed with a ONE-TIME password.

-Open email, copy your password and click on link

-Click Log in

-Enter your password twice

-You can upload a picture (optional), enter your message and notification settings, timezone, and private message email notification

-Click update

-At the top, it will tell you updates have been saved.

-You may close out or go to lesson plans and activities

Finding Lessons:


You can search for lessons one of two ways

-Scroll over Lesson Plans and Activities

-Click on subject or grade level. It will take you to a new page, and then you can filter more by subject or grade. On this page, you can filter even more with the subject. Ex. Mathematics can be filtered to: algebra, arithemic, geometry, estimation, etc.


-Enter keywords in search box.

-You can refine your search along the side by clicking more relevant terms.

-In the bottom orange box, under current search, you can delete keywords if you narrowed your search too much.

To Download Galleries:

-Go to http://www.mimioconnect.com


-Search for Gallery

-Make sure you Mimio Notebook is open and your gallery is open. Then download the file. Click Open and it should automatically download to your gallery.

-If you click Save, then save it to a folder. It won’t download to your gallery until you go to the folder and you saved it in and click on it.  (Again, your gallery needs to be open.)

-You will see the files downloading in the gallery.

To Download Pre-made Lessons

-Download file (.ink)

-Two options

-1. Click Open to see if you like the lesson.  If you do, then you can save it to a folder on your computer after viewing.

-2. Click Save and save it to a folder on your computer immediately

-3. If you don’t want to download to computer, you can add to your favorites under you profile at mimioconnect

DISCLAIMER: I have noticed that sometimes when you download a lesson someone else has already made, it is blank, but when I scroll on the page, there are text boxes and when I double click on them, the words appear, so I have had to recreate some of the lessons that I liked.

Saving Your Own Items to Your Gallery

-You can save your own images to your gallery.

Open your gallery and open the folder you would like to save the file or image to. Then drag the image or file to the gallery to save it for future use.

To name the image or file, right click and click on “properties”. Name the file and type in any keywords you would like to use to bring up the image or file for quick finding.

Uploading Your Lessons to Mimioconnect:

-Log in to http://www.mimioconnect.com

-your profile will show up on the top left hand side of the page.

-Find and click on the link entitled share files

-It will bring you to a new page. You will need to either click on Lesson or Files (depending on what you are uploading

Adding a Lesson

-Add a title

-Add a brief description of your lesson

-Scroll down and find the subject, language, and grade level for your lesson

-You do not have to add key words or tags, however, it will make it easier for others who are searching to find your lessons if you add keywords and tags

-Click browse to locate the lesson you want to upload

-The maximum upload size is 200 MB

-The file that you are uploading must be a .ink or .mcf file

-Once you are finished, you can preview and then submit your work. Your work will now be available on mimioconnect.com

Deleting Uploaded Lesson:

-Go to http://www.mimioconnect.com

-Log In

-Go to My Profile

-Click Lesson Plans and Activities

-Click lesson you want to delete

-Click on Edit tab

-Go to the bottom and click Delete


-To create a hyperlink in your notebook:

-insert a text box (you must type something in first)or graphic

-right click and click on Hyperlink…

-type in web address

-a little box will appear in the bottom left hand corner. This is what you click on to go to the web

How can I create a floating hyperlink, one that can be positioned anywhere around the object/image or text on the notebook page?

when you create a hyperlink in the mimio notebook, the small hyperlink icon gets placed in the lower left-hand corner of the object. This sometimes covers up part of the object or word. To avoid this so that you have control of where you’d like the hyperlink icon placed, do this:

1. Open up a text box and type 2 h’s. Use Times New Roman size 9.(it really doesn’t matter what you type just keep it short and small)

2. Choose the “selection” icon and right click on the text and select “hyperlink”.

3. Type the name of the desired website in the address box. Click OK.

4. Basically what you see now is just the hyperlink icon because the text that you’ve typed is too small and the actual hyperlink icon covers it up. This icon can now be positioned anywhere you’d like it around the desired object. Once you’ve chosen a place you might like to “group” the object and hyperlink together.

5. One last thing you might do is to save this “floating hyperlink” to your gallery for future use. To do this you simply drag and drop (just the icon) into a folder of your choice in your gallery. Rename it as floating hyperlink and use those words as keywords to identify it if you forget where you put it. 6. If you need to use it in the future as a hyperlink for another object just get it out of your gallery, right click on it to change the address to the new one you need and position it around the object.

Is there a way to hide a hyperlink behind an object and still keep it active/accessible?

Being able to hide hyperlinks that you have set is done easily using the Locking feature in mimio Studio. Let’s say that I have something that I have hyperlinked. If I want to hide the hyperlink, I can place another graphic or make an object (circle, square, etc) and place it over the hyperlink. Select all objects and Lock them by going to Format > Locking > Lock or right-click and select Lock. You’ll have to click in the general area of the hyperlink for it to work but you’ll be able to hide it this way and achieve the desired effect.


-Right click on an image and click lock so the image will not move. I use this when I create backgrounds.


-Right click and click on Background…

-you can have backgrounds using color or images.

-If you check the box “all new pages”, it will automatically put in the same background when you make a new slide

-if you don’t check mark the box, all slides will be white

-for images, you can stretch, tile, or place the image

-backgrounds can also be found in gallery

-just drag and drop

A Must Download

-mimio Power Tools v1

-The mimio Power Tools Pack v1 contains three different tools that will add power to your mimio lessons:

* Pop Reveal

Place a balloon over content and click to pop to reveal it. Click again to blow the balloon back up to hide the content. Available in a range of candy-flavored colors.

* Write Reveal

Place square multi-colored reveals over content and then click-drag to draw on the reveal itself. Click the shaded bar to reveal your content underneath. Use to encourage contribution before checking answers.

* Answer Reveal

These invisible reveals can be placed over content to make anything instantly interactive. Click to get feedback (right/wrong) and click again to reset. Great for self-guided interactive Q&A activities.

The mimio Power Tools Pack v1 comes with an overview file explaining each tool and providing examples of how to use them in interactive lessons.

-Multimedia Pack

-These resources include flash animations such as sparkling stars, bursting “balls,” and animated arrows. K-12 teachers can use these when creating lessons to provide motivating feedback when clicking on correct answers. Sound clips are also provided (applause, chimes, bells, and animals

-Graphic Organizers

-This outstanding collection of graphic organizers includes background templates as well as individual image elements for key graphic organizers, such as Venn Diagrams, KWL Charts, Timelines, and many more.

-Science Pack

The Science Pack includes teaching tools for several areas of science instruction. Find ready-to-use animations of plant and animal cells, volcanoes, the periodic table of the elements, and even an owl pellet dissection.

-Math Pack

-The Math Pack contains dozens of ready-to-use Flash animations for teaching mathematics from the elementary grades through high school. Animations for the geometry, algebra, and trigonometry classroom are included. You can also download useful images of plane figures, 3D shapes, and international currency.

-Elementary Warm-Up Pack

-The Elementary Warm-up Pack, designed for K-6 classrooms, offers daily and weekly calendars, roll call and job templates as well as colorful images for a range of subjects. There is a collection of popular songs to captivate younger students.

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